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Evie Rose writes gleefully improbable instalove short romances, with heroes who are all-in obsessed for their heroines. She loves possessive alpha heroes, age gap, tons of spice, forced proximity, pining, and swoony romantic bits.

Here you can get audiobooks, and probably other book goodness in due course. :)

What people are saying

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omg this was so good?! the author somehow managed to fit in so much development into a novella and i loved it. it was also really funny and just so enjoyable to read! i loved the main characters sm like he was giving boy obsessed and she was so sweet. the epilogue was cuuuuuute too🥰 loved this!!

— Julia

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Wonderfully steamy novella, with some humor and such yearning from both characters! I loved the female POV (she’s a romance writer who can’t write lovemaking scenes because she lacks first-hand experience!), but I ADORED the male one.

I’m a sucker for these big, ruthless men who are head over heels in love with their women!

— Gloria Pastorino

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Ugh this book wasnt long enough!!

Written so well and I absolutely loved the story line!!!!!

Jessa and Grant is a perfect couple in an imperfect mafia world. Love love loved!! Highly recommend!!!!

— Kayla Oaks